Speaker Registration

To recieve complimentary registration please complete the following form to register as a Speaker or TPC member by August 19.

    Speaker Registration

Preparation and Submission of your Presentation

  1. Download the MPLS 2012 Presentation template for your presentation (Download Here)
  2. Please email your presentation slides to mpls2012-submit at isocore.com
  3. Download Grant of Duplication Right form, and fax it to 703-860-1778 (Download Here)

Speaker Questions & Answers

Go to the Questions & Answers page for some questions we have been asked in the past. If you have anymore questions, please contact us at mpls2012-info@isocore.com, and we will get back to you quickly, as well as post them up to help others as well.

Submit by August 27, 2012. Please observe the strict deadline for submission of the material.


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