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Isocore's 2015 International Conference, the 18th Annual event on new networking technologies will be held November 15-18, 2015, in Washington, DC. This year, the overarching themes of the conference will be on Softwarization (Integration of SDN and NFV), Programmatic Control, Security and Operational Experience of the Network and Services in Cloud, Data Centers and DevOps environments. The conference Program Committee is soliciting presentation proposals seeking original and unpublished work to continue the tradition initiated by this conference in 1998 of covering cutting-edge topics. Presentations addressing new technologies and operational experience are solicited from network equipment vendors, service providers, the research community, government agencies, and enterprise users.

Please submit your abstracts to cfp2015[at]

Please see the following topics (select A G):

A. Virtualization of the Network and Services (Integration of SDN and NFV)

  • Virtualization overlays
  • Applications of Network function virtualization
  • Performance impact
  • Interworking with existing architecture
  • Operations management: operational considerations and challenges
  • Open Source Initiative
  • Implementation options: bare metal, hypervisors, container
  • Applicability of softwarization to Mobile and Wireless Networks
  • Cybersecurity, Security of the Cloud and Data Governance

B. Orchestration and Devops

  • Netconf/ restconf and open data models (e.g., YANG)
  • Devops
  • Testing: test tools and certification experience Case studies, operational experience with NFV, SDN and MPLS
  • Modeling studies on efficiency improvements achievable with NFV, SDN and MPLS
  • Automation of large deployments
  • Manageability of NFV, SDN networks
C. Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Control vs Data Plane Decoupling Architectural Benefits, Principles, and Use Cases
  • Inteligent Control Plane 
  • Service Discovery and Network Topology Instantiation
  • Application Interface
  • Applicability of SDN to service provider/carrier networks 
  • Interworking with MPLS 
  • Scalability 
  • Transport SDN - applying SDN to the optical transport network
  • Applications of Stateful Path Computation Element (PCE)
  • Northbound/Southbound APIs standards, open source and operational experience
  • Open Source Initiatives
  • Applicability of SDN to Mobile and Wireless Networks
  • Security considerations
D. Data Center and Cloud
  • Network virtualization underlay/overlay
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobility in Cloud 
  • MPLS in support of mobility in cloud computing 
  • Carrier-grade Iaas, Network as a Service (NaaS)
  • Resiliency mechanisms 
  • IP, MPLS, Ethernet and other networking for Inter-data center connectivity to Cloud
  • IP, MPLS, Ethernet and other networking for Customer access to Cloud
  • Service Provider, Customer, Enterprise experiences/case studies with Cloud
  • Security aspects
  • Large flow load balancing

E. Network Service Chaining Applications (ETSI, NFV, IETF)

  • Operational problem statements
  • Use cases
  • Potential solutions
  • Security Considerations
  • Service Chaining implementations and orchestration

F. Mobile and Wireless Packet Infrastructure

  • Mobile Backhaul Traffic Optimization 
  • Small cell deployment scaling, security, and resiliency
  • WiFi HotSpot backhaul and support
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) support
  • Mobile Access Optimization
  • Applicability of SDN, NFV and MPLS to Mobile and Wireless Networks

G. Protocol, Architecture and Emerging Technologies

  • Architecture and Protocols support for Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things
  • Protection, restoration, high-availability and reliability for SDN, NFV and MPLS
  • MPLS Segment Routing solutions
  • IPv6 and MPLS in the Enterprise and service provider Arena
  • Scaling considerations in SDN, NFV and MPLS networks in WAN, intra and inter Data Center uses
  • Information and Content Centric Networking

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