Call for Presentation Abstract Proposals

Submission due date is June 6, 2016!

Service providers and digital enterprises both operate a network-centric business model, with revenue tied directly to the flow of traffic to support services and applications across private and public networks. Isocore’s 2016 Net-Centric conference is where networking thought leaders gather to share both cutting-edge technology developments as well as operational best practices. Isocore 2016 is the must-go venue for technologists and executives from network operators, service and cloud providers, network equipment and software developers, web companies, system integrators, and everyone in the networking industry.

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Please see the following topics (select A F):

A. Network Analytics, Big Data & Self-Learning Networks:

This track will focus on how developments in big data and analytics are changing network operations, Operational Support Systems (OSS), engineering, planning, and network autonomy.

  • Big data network analytics
  • Scale-out monitoring stacks
  • Telemetrics, analytics and next-generation OSS
  • Self-learning networks
  • Security analytics

B. Software Defined Networks (SDN)

  • Control and Data Plane Decoupling Architectural Benefits, Principles, and Use Cases
  • Service Discovery and Network Topology Instantiation
  • Applicability of SDN to service provider/carrier networks
  • SDN for : MPLS, Optical, Ethernet, Mobile Networks
  • Availability, Scalability and Performance of SDN
  • Northbound/Southbound APIs standards, open source and operational experience
  • SDN Security
  • Orchestration and Devops
  • Case studies, operational experience with SDN and NFV
  • Modeling, Management and Operations with SDN and NFV (Netconf, Yang, XML, Restconf)
  • Optimization of Network and DC resources - Mobile networks, Cloud and DC, Wireline Network
C. Virtualization of the Network and Services
  • Integration of SDN and NFV
  • Virtualization overlays
  • Applications of Network function virtualization
  • Performance impact NFVI Benchmarking
  • Fault Detection and Active Monitoring for NFV
  • Interworking with existing architecture
  • Operations management: operational considerations and challenges
  • Open Source Initiative
  • Implementation options: bare metal, hypervisors, container
  • Applicability of softwarization to Mobile and Wireless Networks
  • Cybersecurity, Security of the Cloud and Data Governance
  • Network Service Chaining Applications (ETSI, NFV, IETF)
D. Cloud Networks and Data Centers
  • Network virtualization underlay/overlay
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobility in Cloud 
  • MPLS in support of mobility in cloud computing 
  • Carrier-grade Iaas, Network as a Service (NaaS)
  • Resiliency mechanisms 
  • IP, MPLS, Ethernet and other networking for Inter-data center connectivity to Cloud
  • IP, MPLS, Ethernet and other networking for Customer access to Cloud
  • Service Provider, Customer, Enterprise experiences/case studies with Cloud
  • Security aspects
  • Large flow load balancing

E. Open Source- Software and Technologies

  • Open source software and current technology trends
  • NFV Architectures using Open source
  • Open source in production data centers and networks
  • Openstack deployments - Architecture, features and Challenges
  • Open-X (Compute Platform, Orchestrator, MANO)

F. Other

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Path Computation and Routing
  • Architecture and Protocol support for Internet of Things (IoT)

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