Thursday, November 21

MPLS International Conference was the first conference to start the public interoperability demonstration focusing on advanced next generation technologies. Major Service Providers and Network equipment manufacturers have been part of these interop demonstration showcasing state of the art services in a large multi-vendor network. This year once again Isocore Internetworking Lab is planning a big technology showcase in conjunction with MPLS/SDN 2013 International Conference keeping the tradition, and long term commitment to its attendees to demonstrate hot technologies in a live lab environment.

Besides many other technologies the MPLS 2013 public showcase will demonstrate the industry’s first ever LDP multicast enabled multicast VPNs, and standard based MPLS-Transport Profile interoperability.

Participation to the interop demonstration is open to all Isocore Internetworking Lab members and the demonstration will follow a rigorous fall leading edge code testing scheduled for early October. Any company interested in participating in MPLS 2013 public demonstration should send a request to

Guest registrations are necessary to witness the live event at Isocore Internetworking lab. To arrange a seat, please send a request with your affiliation, email address and mailing address to demo-invite @

Date/Time: Nov. 21, 2013 10:00AM
Location: Isocore Internetworking Lab,
12359 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100,
Reston, VA 20191
Directions: (click here)




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